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  • Welcome to the DDR German Shepherd Forum!!!
    This forum is specifically intended for owners/fanciers of East German Shepherd Dogs. While we invite the participation of members and we will allow for those dogs that are not 100% DDR, and in fact not even necessarily German Shepherds, we ask that they all be listed ONLY under the NON-DDR dogs category.
    This forum will be a casual place for members to relax and have fun, ask questions you may think are stupid, or brag about small vicories - this will be a safe place to do it. That being said, there cannot and will not be ANY flaming, bad-mouthing, name-calling or gossiping of any member of this group or any other. All such posts can and will be moved by the owner/moderator(s). Members who violate this cardinal rule may either be asked to apologize to the group, or will be removed from membership, depending upon the severity of the offensive gesture or post.

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